Rex Ryan Getting Tebowed In Baton Rouge Last Night [VIDEO]

As we told you late last night, Rex Ryan is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for LSU Pro Day that happens later today. Leave it to a couple bros at what we believe is Walk-ons restaurant & bar to be the first to Tebow the Jets head coach. Bonus points: they had a backup phone recording the scene. Let the hysteria begin! 

There is also this situation that allegedly happened in the same restaurant, according to a commenter.

My buddy just talked to him & the GM for a while. Said he was a pretty cool guy. My friend knows Kevin Mawae really well so he talked to the GM for a while. He said Rex came up to him and shook his hand first. Then he told Rex, “Congrats on ur new fullback”. Rex laughed. Then he asked for a picture, Rex laughed & said “f*ck you not after that comment”.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: If you’re going to meet Rex Ryan in Louisiana on the day when he just traded for Rex Ryan, of course you have to Tebow the guy.

Climax of Video: Toss up between the actual Tebowing and the music.

Conclusion: Rex laughed, pointed at the bros and sat back down to pound a loaf of bread before the waiter brought out the crawfish spread.