Reports: Gronk Wasted On South Padre Island Spring Break [PHOTO]

Did you expect The Gronk to go easy during his second consecutive week of Spring Break? Meathead is going extra HAM on South Padre Island as we speak and BC just can’t get enough of this bro. Imagine being 22, the best tight end in the NFL and bros just lining up to party with you. Imagine being allowed behind the bar to mix drinks at some South Padre Island bar. Imagine having the world by the balls. 

A tipster sent us the above shot of Gronk – post bender – slamming pizza on a golf cart outside of Coconuts Bar & Grill. Ladies, we’ve included a handy map in this post as to get your ass home if you find yourself directionless during the walk of shame. Just save this post and you’ll be all good.

Have Gronk Spring Break Fiesta photos we need to see? Do your thing.

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As for what happened at a bar the other night, some guy @CliffBurwell has been busy sending pics of Gronk partying to members of the Boston media. Can’t tell whether Cliff is a Pats fan trying to look out for the franchise TE or he’s just a fan hoping to get Adam Schefter away from the Peyton Manning story.

@AdamSchefter Really taking care of that ankle

Look, the ankle has to be healed by now. It seems he’s taking good care of it. Using golf carts. Having someone hold it up for him. Staying hydrated. Eating healthy. Mixing drinks for others instead of drinking them himself.

Right now there isn’t a guy on the Internet putting on a show like this guy. Guys like Cliff need to chill the f*ck out and enjoy the ride. Quit being a giant pussy and have fun with the fact that Gronk isn’t some turd spouting cliches about using the offseason to “get better.”

Fiesta your ass off, brother. Bigger and better than the day before.

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