Yes, The Gronk Spring Break Fiesta Has Moved To South Padre [PHOTOS]


Now that everyone has digested the big, “Gronk might have hooked up with 16-year-old in Aruba” news dropped yesterday here on BC, let’s get to even more Gronk Fiesta nuggets. What would you say if we told you Meathead flew from Aruba to South Padre for another week of spring break? Of course you’d say that there are some broads that should be on notice for like five days of Fiesta(ing). You’ve been warned. 

Our Gronk Fiesta i-Team, using our specialized flight tracking devices, has located Meat on South Padre Island where he’ll be bro-ing out with at least two of his Meathead brothers. Ladies, you get younger brother Glenn (Kansas State wide receiver) and Gordie Gronkowski (plays professional baseball) on this trip.

As you can see from the above photo, Gronk wasted little time getting shirtless with fellow spring breaker, @marshmalo32. The Fiesta was on last night. The i-Team is patiently waiting for drunk chicks to wake up and find Twitter gold on their cellphones.

This should be Glenn’s big coming out party. He’s yet to play a down for K-State, but could put his stamp on the Gronkowski name with a solid South Padre performance. If his first tweet upon rolling into town is any indication, there could be massive amounts of passion flowing to ladies from Marshall, Texas Tech, SW Missouri St. or whatever schools are in town.

Do you have a Gronk Fiesta Watch news dispatch from South Padre? Send word between Kill The Keg competitions.

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