Model & Tebow Fan Shannon Richards Is Angry At John Elway [PHOTOS]


Shannon Richards is furious today at John Elway. Fuming mad. The voluptuous pinup model from Texas and a Tim Tebow supporter isn’t taking this Peyton Manning signing with Denver news very well. Our appreciation for everything Shannon Richards goes back to the 2011 World Series when we featured her as a Texas Rangers superfan. Little did we know how much passion she has for Tebow. 

One tweet was all it took before Shannon was venting to BC during the Manning presser. Richards, who says about herself, “Hair, Boobs, Lips are real,” didn’t mince words.

Tebow is Awesome ♥ Elway is stupid & Peyton wont make it thru the season cuz Denvers offensive line sucks.

Our follow-up question was, “Where should Tebow play next year?”

A team that really appreciates him.

And she added…

Peyton probably will get hurt, but I think Tim Tebow was disrespected and should leave. It was underhanded what Elway did. He lied.

What Richards is referring to is Elway’s promise – in January – that Tebow would be the 2012 starter. Of course that was before Elway knew that the Colts would release the hall of famer. Doesn’t matter, in Richards eyes. Promise is a promise.

Yesterday, she tweeted, Peytons going to the Broncos!? Nooo!! Bad call John Elway. You should have kept young, talented, uninjured Tebow! >:

Why does it matter what Richards thinks? Because there are very few women out there with giant racks who’ll take on Elway for going 5-years, $96 million for a guy coming off multiple neck surgeries. If you have a giant rack, look amazing in photos and want to chat, by all means do your thing:

It doesn’t seem as if this Twitter beef between Richards and Elway will be settled any time soon. Of course we’ll keep you updated on the latest from the Richards camp.


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