Gruesome Injuries: Here’s What A Hockey Skate To The Face Looks Like [PHOTOS]


We know you’ve wondered this because we always have. What would it look like if a hockey player caught a skate to the face.

Well, first, there would probably be a hell of a lot of blood and one big gash. Those things are sharpened all the time. And then, there’d probably be a trip to the doctor and a bunch of stitches.

Well, we’ve got this and it solves the second part of the equation.

This is Ryan Duncan’s face. Duncan, who is a former Hobey Baker Award winner and currently plays for the AHL’s Portland Pirates, took at skate to the face in Sunday’s game. He spent four hours in the hospital and received 45 stitches.

He didn’t seem too worried about it, though. He tweeted the following message when he was released.

Skate to the face last night. 4 and a half hours getting repaired. 45 stitches. #whysoserious

That’s going to leave a nice scar. Maybe you should put a bandage on that or something, bro.
[Ryan Duncan Twitter]

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