Daughter Steals $28,000 Worth Of Dad’s Sports Memorabilia Collection [Cuff ‘Em]


Got ourselves a strong Daughter of the Year candidate this morning. Her name is Stephanie Bernier and she figured her father would never miss multiple pieces of his sports memorabilia collection. Items such as his 1933 World Series program. Or his 1951 All-Star Game program. Or a Roger Clemens signed baseball. The twist to this story? How dad figured out his collection had been stolen. 

There’s a good chance Stephanie might have gotten away with ripping off dad if he hadn’t been cruising eBay.

The next day, the father realized some memorabilia he was bidding on online had been stolen from him.

The father recovered about $24,290 worth of his sports memorabilia from a Stratford sports memorabilia dealer. About $4,100 worth had already been sold on eBay; the sports dealer said he would try to recover the stolen items, the affidavit said.

The Stratford dealer told police he had purchased about 100 sports memorabilia items from Bernier and Scott. Bernier told the man her father had died and he left her his collection, the affidavit said.

So, not only was dad bidding on his own property, his daughter had told the dealer that dad was dead. Total boss move – from a drug addict. Not saying Stephanie is a drug addict. Just has the tendencies; thief, needs big amounts of cash, her accomplice is a 29-year-old d-bag.

This isn’t Steph’s first run-in with police. Just last year she was arrested in a dispute over borrowed clothes. She was also arrested last year for drug possession after cops found her in a car with cocaine.

Lesson learned, fathers. Lock that valuable sh*t down. Put it in a vault. And sleep with a gun under your pillow.

[Greenwich Time]

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