Yep, We Now Have Lesbian Wedding Proposals At NHL Rink [VIDEO]


The big weekend news in Ottawa, Ontario? This lesbian wedding proposal Saturday night where Senators fan asked for her Toronto Maple Leafs lesbian lover’s hand in marriage. This isn’t some sort of joke conjured up by rascally interns. Real deal. Really lesbians showing love in front of thousands of unsuspecting fans. Oh, just wait until Rush Limbaugh hears about these Canadian sluts disgracing a hockey game.

Were you expecting boos? Crickets.

Posted: This weekend

Premise of Video: Alicia is the Leafs fan. She obviously has no idea she’s about to get a marriage proposal. Her girlfriend, Christina, has a St. Patrick’s Day surprise for her chick.

Climax of Video: Yep, we get a little lesbian kissing action. Not bad on a Monday afternoon. Pretty good stuff.

Conclusion: It’s about time we get lesbians proposing. It’s always these idiot dudes who drag their girlfriends to a baseball game and act like it’s her dream to be proposed to with a bunch of drunks screaming at her. Now, is hockey ready for two dudes on the ice hugging and kissing? Ask the Ottawa Senators. No way this flies with an American NHL team. No f-ing chance.

[HT: Puck Daddy]

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