Guy Wearing ‘I Love Busch’ Shirt Breaks Up This St. Patrick’s Day Chick Brawl


Did you know that Bay City, Michigan is home to many fine Irishmen? Same here. Anyway, the locals had their parade, got drunk, probably watched the Nationwide race at Bristol and punched each other. Nothing gets chicks in Bay City punchy like some Ne-Yo & Pitbull background music. Just look at the weight difference as Notorious B-I-G-G-I-N’ (shoeless, by the way) decides to throw around her weight.

Oh, it’s on, bitches!

Posted: March 18, 2012

Premise of Video: We figure little hoochie didn’t pick up the bar tab at Chuck’s ‘Kill The Keg’ party that morning. Biggin’ was left picking up the pieces and didn’t appreciate the bullshit from hoochie. Time for a little retribution, bitches!

Climax of Video: Wait for it…wait for it…Biggin’ gets escorted out by a guy wearing a I Love Busch shirt. God bless, Bay City, Michigan.

Conclusion: Biggin’ went back to Chuck’s, ordered up a green beer and pork rinds and relaxed to some Aerosmith and Boston spinning on the jukebox. Bay City, bitches, home of the original Toughman boxing competitions. Haterz better recognize.

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