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WIBW Anchor Chick Laughing At Mizzou For Losing To Norfolk State [VIDEO]

How funny is the Missouri loss to Norfolk State inside Kansas? It’s so funny that even the nightly news dorks are just laughing in your face, Mizzou. Here is WIBW-13 in Topeka coming back from commercial break and this anchor chick just blatantly laughing at Tiger Nation. You might remember how these two states hate each other and that Mizzou has never been to a Final Four. LOL! LOL!

Everyone, LOL!

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: The weather dork on the left went to Nebraska. The weather guy is Kinch O’Kelley. Not sure what school he went to but he’s enjoying a good laugh. As for the desk jockey, that is Melissa Brunner, a Marquette grad.

Climax of Video: Nice save, Melissa. Totally not laughing AT Mizzou. Got it.

Conclusion: SEC! SEC! SEC! SEC! Don’t worry, Mizzou Nation, nobody really cares about your loss because Duke saved your asses.

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