FC Metalist Kharkiv’s Marko Devic With Biggest P*ssy Penalty Kick – EVER! [VIDEO]

Of course we despise soccer dorks and those who play a sport where diving and acting like a giant pussy are usually rewarded. Now, there are those of you in the United States who claim to be ‘HUGE’ soccer fans and think the sport is so special. Defend this garbage from Marko Devic of FC Metalist Kharkiv in the Ukraine Premier League. Yeah, this happened this week during a penalty kick. 

(You’re right, we wouldn’t call a soccer hooligan a pussy to his face. But we would to a Columbus Crew fan with his fake soccer ‘obsession’. Ever looked at a MLS roster? Scrub City!)

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: Marko Devic lines up a penalty kick. Of course the goal is to put the ball across the line. Whatever it takes. Ball, foot, net. Point for the good guys. As you can see from the scoreboard, Marko needs this to tie Olympiakos.

Climax of Video: Total embarrassment. Was that supposed to be an onside kick?

Conclusion: Of course Marko’s team would score twice in the last 10 minutes to win the match, saving his ass from being beaten like Robin Givens after this disaster.

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