Kate Middleton’s Field Hockey Pants Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes [PHOTOS]

Kate Middleton in pants on a field hockey pitch didn’t sound that interesting until about an hour ago. It’s not that Kate isn’t hot in a ‘I’d sleep with her if she was game’ kinda way. She is more than capable of stopping us in our tracks. It’s just that we seem to forget about her until today when she’s promoting the London Olympics in pants that’ll likely need to be removed via athletic trainer scissors.

You know how Princess Di was homely and a giant bore because Charles had her ass holed up raising children through her 20s and 30s? The homely angle with Kate is obviously dead. We pray William doesn’t get all dick-ish and stick Kate’s ass in some cabin in Wales.

Get her to the British swimming complex. One piece, to make the conservatives happy. Have her playing some beach volleyball. Throwing a javelin. Chucking the disc. There isn’t a sport in the Olympics she shouldn’t be promoting. Hell, throw her in front of a ping pong table wearing these pants and a tight tankini.

Don’t waste this opportunity.



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