If Only We Could Hire Olympian Jeff Fabry To Tranquilizer Dart The Kardashians


Jeff Fabry isn’t your typical archer. He lost an arm and a leg in a motorcycle accident when he was 15, so now he fires arrows with his teeth.

His journey began because of his love for hunting and now he’ll be shooting for gold in London as a member of the U.S. Paralympics archery team.

“My buddies were out hitting the hills hunting and I was stuck at home and I was like, no, I don’t like this, so I figured out a way to shoot and it happened to be with my teeth,” he said.

We imagine it’s probably easier than firing a rifle with your teeth, but still looks kind of tough. Fabry has attached a mouthpiece made from a nylon dog leash to his bow. He bites down on it, pulls back and fires.

Amazingly, he’s pretty accurate and his teeth aren’t totally messed up, even though he’s been shooting this way for 13 years. Despite most of his competitors having use of both of their arms, Fabry is a five-time world championships medalist and three-time Paralympic Games medalist.

He currently trains full time, in addition to working with wounded veterans. So, unlike us, he actually gives something back to society.

[Disabled archer headed to Olympics uses teeth to win medals, heal wounded soldiers]

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