WAG Jennifer Walcott-Archuleta Is Back On Modeling Scene [PHOTOS]

This is the first time since February 13, 2008 that Jennifer Walcott has been featured on Busted Coverage. After her Chihuahuas were killed in a tainted meatballs attack, she and her ex-NFLer husband Adam Archuleta pretty much fell off the map. Of course a tainted meatball attack is something a Playboy Playmate doesn’t get over very easily. Thankfully, Mrs. Archuleta is back with a new(ish) shoot. 

For those wondering, yes, Adam is working as an NFL analyst, commenting on such things as Peyton Manning to the Cardinals. For those of you who can’t seem to remember much about Walcott, she’s the pride of Youngstown, Ohio and was Playboy’s Ms. August 2001. Keep in mind when looking through the pics, she’s now 34. Amazing.

Keep in mind this St. Patrick’s Day – Jennifer is the face of Mickey’s Big Mouth.