NFL Free Agency 2012: Five Best & Worst Signings…So Far


We’re only two days into the NFL’s annual horse trade known as free agency and things are already out of control. Many of the big names are gone and so are a bunch of guys who you’ve never heard of. Hey, you gotta sign somebody to make it look like you’re doing something, right? Might as well just go nab Detroit’s third-string cornerback and be done with it.

If we gave you a roundup of all the signings thus far, we’d want to kill ourselves. Instead, we’re just going to give you the five best and five worst.

The Best NFL Free Agent Signings – So Far

  • Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions — Hell, this wasn’t even a free agent signing, but it’s the best move anyone has made all year. The Lions extended the contract of the best receiver in the game to the tune of seven years and $132 million. Unfortunately, Johnson is stuck in Detroit for the next seven years.
  • Carl Nicks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers — The Bucs grabbed the best offensive lineman on the market and also stuck it to a division rival at the same time. Nicks got a five-year deal worth $47.5 million to leave the Saints. Double whammy!
  • Cortland Finnegan, St. Louis Rams — Finnegan was arguably the best cornerback on the market. In St. Louis he’s reunited with his former coach with the Titans, Jeff Fisher. And hey, let’s be honest, the Rams need an upgrade at pretty much every position. They got at least one.
  • Kyle Orton, Dallas Cowboys — Why Orton didn’t go somewhere to compete for a starting job is beyond us, but this is a nice move by Dallas. They landed Orton for three years, so the next time Tony Romo sucks it up — and you can bet he’ll be doing that a lot in the next three years — the Cowboys have someone reliable to turn to.
  • Jason Campbell, Chicago Bears — Last season, Jay Cutler went down while the Bears were in playoff contention. Enter Caleb Hanie, exit playoff contention. Chicago found an answer to the question, “What happens the next time Jay Cutler’s vagina hurts?”

The Worst NFL Free Agent Signings – So Far

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