Excuse Me While I P*ss My Pants Laughing At Huan Getting Kicked In The Grill [VIDEO]

The only excuse for you guys not watching this soccer video is that your work has blocked YouTube. The rest of you idiots at work are recommended – AT THIS MOMENT –  to watch as white boy unloads a left foot to the grill of Huan-Yi during this soccer match that’s making its rounds today. Watch closely because you’re about to see the biggest thug move in soccer history.

*Skip to 1:30 mark to see good stuff. Rest is just a waste of time.*

Posted: March 13, 2012

Premise of Video: This is supposedly U-12 kids having a friendly that’s not exactly friendly because the white kids keep beating the *&^( out of the little Jeremy Lins. Things get really ugly when Kyle, instead of kicking the ball, aims for Huan-Yi’s head.

Climax of Video: Watch closely. Left foot. Watch ball. Watch how far Kyle’s foot is from connecting with the ball.

Conclusion: And the pussification of Hong Kong soccer has begun. We warned you idiots that once you start letting Americans come over and dominate your youth soccer leagues the end was near. You might dominate the academic book but, once again, we kick your ass on the field. Get used to it Huan.