Logan Campbell Pimps His Way To London Olympics Via Escort Agency


Taekwondo isn’t the most popular sport, which is probably why no one in New Zealand wanted to fund Logan Campbell’s bid to make his nation’s Olympic team. Campbell, being the astute businessman he is, wouldn’t have his dream be denied though.

In order to train full time for the Olympics, Campbell started a high-end escort agency in 2009 and, well, sex sells. He earned around $250,000, which he used to fund his training. He’ll represent New Zealand in 2012 in taekwondo.

As you might expect, not everyone was amused. Campbell was threatened with legal action because, apparently, he was using his Olympic bid to promote his agency.

Campbell said when he initially opened the escort agency he received a letter from the New Zealand Olympic Committee saying they did not believe it was an appropriate business to be connected with Taekwondo or the Olympic movement.

He said he was warned that his selection chances could be reduced if he continued to operate the business and he sold the agency in 2010.

“I think what happened was when they first found out about it, I think one person in the Olympic Committee got upset,” he said. “I don’t think it was the whole feelings of the Olympic committee.”

We should note here that prostitution is legal in New Zealand, so Campbell wasn’t doing anything illegal. Once the media picked up the story, Campbell started picking up sponsors, so his life as a pimp was no longer necessary.

We’re pretty sure Bob Costas will be doing one of his rambling features about Campbell during the Olympic broadcast. It is, after all, a heart-warming story.

Campbell will compete in the under-60 kilogram class in London.

[Taekwondo athlete starts brothel to fund Olympics bid, and it works]

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