Cheerleaders Of The NCAA Tournament Overload [157 PHOTOS]


Of course Thursday is a holiday for 85% of American men who could care less about college basketball for 10.5 months out of a year. Of course you wouldn’t sit at a bar and watch Syracuse vs. UNC-Asheville in December. Of course Ohio State vs. Loyola-Md. looks like a blowout on paper. But we’re all watching. Intently. Is there anything better than gambling, college basketball and cheerleaders on a Thursday afternoon? No, there isn’t.

That said, we told Asher to go out and find the wildest, hottest NCAA March Madness cheerleaders for you guys. The guy, being a professional, opened the floodgates with a 157-photo gallery that is by far the largest dump of cheerleaders in BC March Madness history. He even managed to locate a South Dakota State cheerleader to give her some publicity before her Jackrabbits get sent packing by Baylor.

The Girls & Their March Madness Team:

#10 Seed: West Virginia – Mel

#5 Seed: Vandy – Adair

#16 Seed: UNC-Asheville – Alex

# 5 Seed: Temple – Megan F.

#14 Seed: South Dakota State – Mackeena

#2 Seed: Missouri – Jennifer

#2 Seed: Kansas – Jamie

#4 Seed: Louisville – Rachel

#4 Seed: Indiana – Alexa

#7 Seed: Florida – Nicole

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