Brad Keselowski Tweets On Toilet & Is Infatuated With Jennifer Love Hewitt


And here we figured chatting with NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski would have been the last thing we’d enjoy on a 75-degree March afternoon. The guy, now famous for tweeting during a red flag of the Daytona 500 & for driving the Miller Lite #2 car, isn’t your normal boring interview. The guy talks like a normal 28-year-old when it comes to chicks, beer and tweeting on the toilet.

Our big issue with NASCAR has been its inability to reach the minds of mainstream America because racing cars from February until Nov. 18 gets old – quickly. There needed to be more off-track buzz. More figures that remind fans of the good ol’ days when drivers could be candid about thinking a woman was hot or drinking a beer. Enter Rochester Hills, Michigan native Keselowski. He wins races (4 career Sprint Cup wins), has 246,00+ Twitter followers (@keselowski) and is the unfiltered quote machine the sport desperately needs.

What else is going on in Keselowski’s life? He has monthly Miller Lite deliveries to his house, is a Michigan football fan that doesn’t ‘hate’ Ohio State and hasn’t followed Michigan basketball since the Fab Five. He’ll be watching March Madness, but will be thinking more about Jennifer Love Hewitt over his Wolverines cutting down the nets in New Orleans.

BC: What’s the situation with the phone? Still racing with it in the car?

BK: It’s in the car as long as NASCAR allows me to keep it in there. It’s been in there during every race.

BC: Where do you keep the phone?

BK: I have a top secret pouch. Can’t tell you where exactly.

BC: You aren’t following many hot chicks on Twitter. What’s up with that?

BK: (laughing) Dude, the hot chicks follow me. I don’t follow the hot chicks.

BC: Well, you have to in order to send them direct messages.

BK: That’s how you get crazies.

BC: What about drunken tweeting?

BK: It’s gotten me a few times. It’s funny because my PR guy is sitting here right now and he’s nodding. He has threatened a few times to change my password.

BC: You haven’t been hacked yet?

BK: I had someone try to hack once. (He then goes into discussion about how Blake Lively is hot as hell, had her phone hacked and there were naked photos of her on the Internet.)

BC: You tweet on the toilet very much?

BK: It has happened before. I don’t tweet alot on the toilet, but I do read.

The conversation goes back to talk about hot chicks and Keselowski’s infatuation with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

BC: She’s getting old, right? What about the heavy stage?

BK: We’re all getting old. Jennifer Love Hewitt, heavy or not, is still hot. I mean not crazy heavy, but just a little heavy I think she’s still attractive. She was a boyhood crush. There’s never been a stage where I’ve said, ‘Eh, not so much.’ I appreciate a good looking woman.

Keselowski and his fellow racers invade Bristol this weekend for the Food City 500 on Fox starting at 12:30 p.m. EST. You can follow his tweets @keselowski and keep connected on Facebook.

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