Tony Romo Had An Indoor Soccer Game Last Night; 17-3 Victory [PHOTOS]

Guess we can now pencil in Tony Romo to be playing indoor soccer on Monday nights somewhere in Lewisville, Texas at American Indoor. Adjust your paparazzi schedule accordingly, fools. BC tipster Troy sent word that Tony was up to his normal offseason routine so we had our eyes open this morning for Tony ripping shots on some goalie who spends his days working in commercial real estate. Yep, Tony played soccer last night.

The Cowboys QB was first spotted playing soccer in 2010 by TMZ informants. Then, last year, he was recorded playing soccer for a yellow jersey team.

As you can see, Tony was traded to the orangish/red team this year for two first round picks, including the #2 overall. Our sources say the trade allowed the yellow team to draft a young player by the name of Luke Messi. Supposedly he was tearing up the Ft. Worth Indoor Soccer League.

Updates as we get them:

• Told Tony’s team was victorious, 17-3

• Told by opposing team that Tony had 2 goals

Do you want to be our new Tony Romo Indoor Soccer correspondent? Must be free on Monday nights. Live close to Lewisville, TX? Know where American Indoor is located? Pay is low. Level of excitement – HIGH.

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