Snoop Dogg Goes From Pimpin’ To Owning Lingerie Football Team

Snoop Dogg used to coach his son’s pee wee football team. Now he has his own team, although it’s a little more risque.

Snoop is the owner of the Los Angeles Rideretts, which is a team in some new rip-off Lingerie Football League called the¬†Lady Arena Football League or LAFL. So, we guess it’s like what the arena league is to the NFL. Of course, we’re pretty sure the LFL plays in arena’s too, so that would make it pretty much a carbon copy with a different name.

We’re going to guess, since Snopp is involved, the LAFL will take on more of a ghetto flavor, though. Hell, just take a look at their website. It’s totally ghetto. Maybe spend some money on a designer next time.

The Rideretts held tryouts last weekend. People had to pay $25 just to participate, so there were probably all kinds of weird broads showing up.

There are reportedly eight teams in the LAFL and they’re supposed to start playing later this year.

Of course, can’t wait.

[Snoop Dogg Announces Ownership In Los Angeles Rideretts]