Our Favorite NHL Ice Girl: Florida Panthers’ Alexis Augusto [PHOTOS]

Here’s what we know about the lovely Alexis Augusto: she’s a sports freak. No, we’re not talking about these bimbos who hang at a sports bar and act like they know about sports. Alexis is legitimately into the sports world. Miami Dolphins cheerleader? Check. Florida Panthers Ice Dancer? Check. Florida Atlantic cheerleader? Check. Yankees fan? Check. Alabama Crimson Tide fan? Check. New Orleans Saints fan? Check. Jets fan? Check.

Dating a Toronto Blue Jays rookie league pitcher? Check. Marlins fan? Check. Miami Heat fan? Check.

Seriously, it’s a rare moment when Busted Coverage goes about its normal searching and finds a chick who combines one of the hottest bodies in cheerleading history with the vast knowledge as is lodged into Augusto’s brain. And she eats cheeseburgers. Given the chance, we’d marry her tomorrow, jump on a plane to March Madness and spend four days jetting between basketball arenas.

What is the main reason we’re featuring Ms. Augusto this morning? Um, because she had this photo taken of herself in Yankees gear. Ladies who aren’t listening to us, this is your reminder. The more photos you post of yourself in sports gear, the higher likelihood you get noticed by men on the Internet.

Oh, and did we mention Augusto is an aspiring ESPN reporter? Yes. Yes. Yes. We’re still efforting a highlight reel that we hope to have – soon – and we’ll also effort Ms. Augusto modeling a Miami Heat bikini made out of intertwined seagrass.


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