Hines Ward Major DUI Concern: Arrest Story Getting On ESPN [VIDEO]

Remember how Hines Ward was busted last summer on a DUI charge? Yeah, at this point not a major deal in the grand scheme of a ‘we’ve moved on,’ culture. But then TMZ went and got the arrest video. What did we learn about Ward? He dreaded the possibility of ESPN learning of his arrest and splashing it on SportsCenter.

Remember, ESPN is owned by Disney, which owns ABC, which produces Dancing With The Stars. Can’t choose your coverage, Hines.

Posted: Today

Premise of Video: Hines rails about how the arrest video will be leaked, how ESPN will be “looking for sh*t like that…” And then it eventually hit the front of ESPN.

Climax of Video: It’s a quick video. Enjoy his concerns.

Conclusion: Wish he would have called Skip Bayless a piece of garbage. Or say that Big Ben has herpes. Something groundbreaking. Worrying about ESPN is so 2003.