Can We All Agree Maria Menounos Is Celtics Only Old(er), Hot Superfan?

So Maria Menounos was at Sunday’s Celtics-Lakers game and we really don’t have any sort of story to tell you here. Yes, Maria is still all together at 33-years-old (born June 8, 1978). The arms aren’t getting droopy. The face isn’t starting to fall apart. But, this is how bad things are for the Celtics organization. Not only is the basketball team ancient, so is the superfan. Not that we’d kick Maria out of bed. However, when your superfan is 33, the program is in trouble.

Celtics Older Than Maria Menounos:

• Ray Allen – 07/20/1975

• Kevin Garnett – 05/19/1976

• Paul Pierce – 10/13/1977