Kevin Durant Selling Seattle House Since He Doesn’t Need It; $2.8MM! [PHOTOS]


The Seattle Supersonics have moved on. Kevin Durant has moved on. Now, the final ties are being severed.

Durant is unloading his last link to the city his franchise used to play in and he’s unloading it for $2.8 million. The pad is totally Pacific Northwest. It’s kind of like Bigfoot took a dump all over it, but hey, we’re not holding that against KD. He was a mere baby when he came into the league. Didn’t know any better. He happens to be an assassin now, but assassins can buy homes twice the size of this 6,000-square-foot joint for like $100K in OKC.

Here’s the lowdown on Durant’s Bigfoot-inspired crash pad:

  • 5,910 square feet
  • 5 bedroom
  • 6 bath
  • 5 fireplaces
  • Wet bar
  • Hot tub and spa
  • Gazebo — ooooh!

Price: $2,799,000

[Buy Kevin Durant’s House]

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