22 Greatest March Madness Hate Tweets Aimed At Bilas, Vitale, Lunardi & Seth Davis

You can now go about life for about 10.5 months without hearing Joe Lunardi tell you his ‘Last Four In’ during your dreams. However, you’ll be stuck with Seth Davis rambling nonsense until about 12:35 a.m. EST for the next three weekends. If there’s nothing more American than apple pie, there’s nothing more American in March than somebody being p*ssed off at a basketball analyst during March Madness. Last night the venom spewed. 

Rick Pitino was quoted last week as saying about Joe Lunardi:

“Just listen to Joe Lunardi,” Pitino said. “You’ll know who’s in and who’s out. He’s never wrong. He doesn’t have a life. … That’s all he does with his life. On his tombstone: ‘I was a bracketologist, the best in America.’ “

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