Sean Payton Buys Mediterranean Texas House With Disco; $3.45MM [PHOTOS]

Mark Teixeira must be a little angry that Sean Payton leased his house for a year and then went and bought this gigantic pad in the Vaquero subdivision in Westlake, Texas. Let this be a lesson, Tex. You didn’t have a disco room in your house. Payton moved a few streets away and now has 7,700 sq. ft. of rock walls, Mediterranean stylings and a room with chalkboard walls.

Just so everyone is clear, Payton’s house is 550 miles from The Big Easy. How this kind of life works is beyond our comprehension. Here we thought coaches lived 20 miles from the office, took two weeks off a year and were really intertwined with the community.

Guess not.

Highlights of Sean Payton’s New Estate:

• 5 bed, 4 bath

• Wow, lots of stones!

• The disco that we mentioned with lighted dance floor

• Exercise room

• Gas fireplace on the deck!

• Gameroom off the disco

• Fountain in the hot tub

Purchase price: $3,450,000

[Candy’s Dirt]

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