Australian Rules Football Player Knocked The #*^& Out By Ball To Head [VIDEO]


Ever wondered what would happen to a guy who took an Aussie Rules Football to the face? This happened tonight in Australia during a match featuring West Coast vs St Kilda. As you’ll see, bro on the ground went for what the locals call a ‘smother.’ It’s like blocking a punt. Except these guys are going in face-first without a helmet. Guess who got knocked the #$*@ out? Yep, this guy.

His name is Eric MacKenzie. He’s going to have a headache in a few hours when he wakes up to an Australian Sunday morning.

Posted: Couple hours ago

Premise of Video: Let’s not worry about the intricacies of the Aussie Football League. Focus on MacKenzie who plays for West Coast. He was a 2nd round draft pick in the 2006 AFL Draft. Not sure if that’s good. Anyway, Eric goes for this smother and it doesn’t end well.

Climax of Video: Um, eyes in the back of his head!

Conclusion: Everyone can relax, he didn’t die. Medical reports from the West Coast doctors are that Eric is all good, just a little woozy.

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