Who Knew Philip Rivers Was A Right-Wing Nutjob?


We’ve always thought San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers was pretty much a prick because he always seems to be yelling at someone or whining about something. Well, it turns out there’s a reason for his on-field antics — he’s out of his mind.

Rivers, you see, is into politics and today he threw his support behind conservative Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum. We’re not even making this up. Santorum trotted out Rivers’ endorsement like he just landed the AFL-CIO.

There was also a press release, where Rivers had this to say.

“I am supporting Rick Santorum for President because of his stance on issues that attack vital Christian values our country was founded upon: no abortion, upholding traditional marriage, defending religious freedom, no euthanasia. Rick Santorum will also fight to create jobs and expand opportunities for all Americans.  I am proud to endorse Senator Santorum and do what I can to help him secure the Republican nomination for President of the United States.”

Ah, so you’re against anyone who isn’t Christian having any rights whatsoever then? Please Phil, tell us about your stance on gay marriage.

The press release plays up the fact that Rivers is a dumb yokel from Alabama, presumably because the Alabama Republican presidential primary is coming up. While we’re sure they’ll love this in Alabama, we’re not so sure about San Diego, which has voted Democrat in the last four presidential elections.

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