Vancouver Police Still Hunting 100 Stanley Cup Rioters Including Dodgers Fan


Vancouver police want the locals to know they’re still looking for the punks who destroyed the city after the Canucks lost to Boston in the 2011 Stanley Cup. The fuzz has gone to the extreme of creating posters (70,000 posters) that are now being handed out around Vancouver. Not certain, but this might be a North American first. Vancouver won’t rest until these bros are brought to justice.  

Highlights of those on the posters:

• L.A. Dodgers are huge in Vancouver

• We see you, Nordiques fan

• 1 Yankees fan

• 1 guy with ‘Canucks’ inked on his forehead

• 1 Expos fan

• 1 dude with dreads

• Multiple cute chicks

• 4 black guys

• 1 guy wearing Lamborghini hat

Want to turn in one of these punks or one of the cute chicks? Vancouver cops would welcome your help.

[Vancouver Police Department Riot Team]

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