Soccer Player Breaks Up With Model Mariana Diarco; She’s “Too Sexy” [PHOTOS]


Ezequiel Schelotto is your typical world-class soccer player. He scores goals, he makes a bunch of money, he dates models.

That is, he used to date models. The 22-year-old Atalanta winger started dating model Mariana Diarco in December. Recently, he broke up with her because his family deemed her “too sexy.”

Absurd, yes, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out the fact that Diarco is naked all over the Internet. That’s apparently what his family means by “too sexy.” She posed for Playboy in her native Argentina and seems to pretty much take her clothes off in front of the camera whenever she can.

Go ahead, do an image search. We know you want to.

What’s really insane here is that Diarco was dating Schelotto to begin with. I mean, if this dude didn’t play soccer, he’d probably be driving a windowless van that says free candy on the side. That is, he’s not what you’d call a handsome devil.

Of course, he’s young, rich, athletic and probably some sort of hero in Argentina, so we’re sure he’ll find another model who doesn’t take off her clothes as much somewhere.

[Serie A player reportedly breaks up with girlfriend after parents deem her ‘too sexy’]

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