Never Pay Full Price Again By Using #HashTags To Save [Video]


American Express and Twitter have unveiled a new service called “Sync” that will one day change the way you enjoy sports. Prices are going up for everything these days but “Sync” will allow you to receive discounts of the things you love…and Tweet about. Essentially what you do is sync your Twitter account with your American Express card. When you Tweet about brands or business that are involved with Sync, like Best Buy for example, they will load discounts automatically onto your card. It really is that easy. Since our Twitter page is on the rise I fully endorse this idea and hope they can find a way to incorporate free tickets to baseball games into the package – it would be a serious power move. Sync is such a big deal that Jay-Z is doing an epic “Amex Sync Concert” in Austin where cardholders can send tweets to help him arrange his songlist on stage.

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