Brett Favre Twitter Account Verified? Internet & ESPN Talent Producers Duped?



An in-progress, greatest Internet troll of all-time nominee, was ended abruptly last night. You see, someone actually talked Twitter into verifying the ‏ @BrettFavre4 account. The legitimized it to us, fellow bloggers and even Randy Moss who exchanged tweets with the fake Brett last night. Even mainstream outlets fell for it. Something said in the Moss tweets eventually brought down the fake account. It was just too damn good to be true. 

Here’s how Twitter verifies accounts. But, Twitter says that the verification program is currently closed to the public. How the fake Brett was able to get the verification is the current mystery. Is there a way to hack a verification check next to your account?

Anyway, so here’s how the fake account got out of control.

The real Randy Moss tweeted:

@BrettFavre4 whts up #4 man I’ve missed messing wit u!jus getting back in the swing of things.hope ur doing good

Fake Brett:

@DaRealOtisMoss It’s going okay. My daughter is being hospitalized, but other than that, I’ve been great!

Real Randy:

@BrettFavre4 well hope all is ok with ur daughter.if u got anything going on in miss let me know I’d luv to come.tell Mrs I said hello

Fake Brett:

@DaRealOtisMoss Will do brotha!

And that was it. Seems that fake Brett started to feel guilty for bringing fake news about Brett’s real daughter into the timeline. Two hours later the troll was over.

But this brings up some questions, like how did ESPN’s Sr. Talent Producer Jason Romano tweet this?

Favre’s people confirmed w/@audrah_cates — It’s the real Brett Favre — @BrettFavre4

Who is Audrah Cates? An ESPN talent producer! Someone might want to explain how this happens. Maybe Audrah would like to tell us which one of Favre’s people told her the this was legit because tweets such as, Man, I love my wife, eventually came from that fake account.

Yes, we all want to believe in Santa and Brett Favre Twitter accounts. In the end, neither will ever be real. One isn’t dropping presents down a chimney and the other is telling followers, Adele is a really great artist.

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