Dancers of the NBA: Charlotte Bobcats’ Lindsay [PHOTOS]


Via BC Spirit Editor, Asher:

I know you’ve come to expect the hottest college cheerleaders in my posts, but I also have a knack for finding gorgeous professional cheerleaders too. Take Lindsay, for instance. She dances/cheers for the Charlotte Bobcats. The Ladycats are full of stone cold foxes, but in my humble opinion, Lindsay is the hottest. Just look at that rack and tell me I’m wrong.

She knows she’s hot, too. Normally that annoys the crap out of me, but when you are as hot as Lindsay it should be expected. I can’t fault a chick this gorgeous for recognizing what the rest of the world gets to see. Honestly, I’m surprised she ever leaves the house. If I was that hot, I would just sit in front of the mirror and stare at myself ALL DAY LONG!

[Lindsay –]

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