Toronto Maple Leafs’ Superfan Nikki Benz Vs. Maple Leafs’ Bikini [PHOTOS]

Our fascination with strippers and their love of sports is well documented. You show us a stripper who doesn’t know the top 50 athletes in the United States and we’ll show you an out-of-work – or struggling – stripper in Montana. First lesson in making money – know your customers. We’ve also mentioned that if a stripper or model wants to get attention on Twitter these days, she needs to wear team colors. It seems Nikki Benz is buying into our argument.

This really isn’t a post about Ms. Benz shooting hotel bikini Twitpics in her Toronto Maple Leafs bikini. Yes, we’re surprised she found her size. Who knew the Maple Leafs went that big with their bikinis? Not us.

Anyway, this is more about a chick’s savvy. Benz could shoot 75 Twitpics, upload and men are indifferent. Yes, that’s a giant rack in our face. Yes, for many of you idiots it’s a fantasy to visit the Benz bedroom in some hotel in Allentown, Pa. But these photos just don’t do much for the greater society of men. We need an angle.

That said, it seems Benz has found a niche that BC isn’t quite sure was ever tapped – the Maple Leafs superfan market.

How many more times do we need to tell you rookie strippers looking for attention on Twitter? Find a team and become its bikini, or jersey, superfan. Want to become a cult hero in Cleveland? Shred a Browns jersey. You’ll party your ass off for years in that city. You’ll get so much work you’ll have to move from Los Angeles to Lakewood.

Your call, girls. Obscurity or a superfan career? Let us know who you’re rooting for.

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