MUST-WATCH: Saints Fan Tired Of Cops Busting Drug Dealers In Hood [VIDEO]

YOU MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO! DO YOU LIKE ANTOINE DODSON? HANDS DOWN BEST DRUG ARREST NEWS STORY YOU’LL SEE THIS WEEK…THIS YEAR…EVER! Anyway, enough with the bold red fonts. If you’re at work and can’t watch, please come back tonight and watch as these homeboys are kinda pissed at the cops for busting drug dealers in their hood. Of course this is sports-related.

Do you see that guy’s Marques Colston jersey?

Posted: This week

Premise of Video: Drugs, according to cops, are a major problem in one Louisiana town. Time to send in the Feds and put drug dealers behind bars. The locals, however, aren’t really big fans of cops busting up their only form of work. Drugs, you see, pay the bills in Ferriday, Louisiana.

Climax of Video: Can’t pinpoint one moment over the other. This is simply fantastic stuff from KALB in Alexandria, Louisiana.

Conclusion: Guessing business went back to normal by Tuesday.

[FBI Drug Bust in Ferriday – KALB]