MMA Fighter’s Hands & Feet Deemed Deadly Weapons In Florida Road Rage [Cuff ‘Em]

MMA fighter Fernando Rodrigues has a lifetime 3-5 record. He also now owns one of the first distinctions in Cuff ‘Em history. State attorneys in Florida have successfully argued that Rodrigues shouldn’t be allowed bail in a road rage incident this week that left his alleged victim beaten to a pulp. The reasoning why Fernando should be jailed without bond?

His hands and feet are deadly weapons. Seriously.

Via the Palm Beach Post:

It started in a most familiar way. Pool service man Juan Uribe and his boss, Michael Caccavella, didn’t take off on a green light quickly enough for Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitive fighter Fernando Rodrigues, behind them in a Hummer.

Monday afternoon’s incident, along a busy stretch of North State Road 7 in Coral Springs, soon escalated. Before Uribe, 25, of Coconut Creek, could calm things down, Rodrigues, 31, who has served two military tours in Iraq, allegedly pistol-whipped him in the face, then placed him in a wresting hold by the side of the road.

“He was a big guy. I didn’t want any part of him,” Uribe said Tuesday. “I don’t remember much after he hit me.”

Woah, wait, this guy has two tours, Marines training, 8 professional fights under his belt and doesn’t like when cars move slow at green lights. Yep, probably a good idea for the government to not let this crazy bastard out on the streets. What’s next, a mailman gets his ass kicked for bending Fernando’s Fight magazines?

Hope his cellmate doesn’t drop nasty deuces in the cell. Could end in death.

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