Check Out Adidas’ New Cowboy Boots [Photos]

Adidas has just released something we’ve never seen before (and hope to never see again) — a pair of cowboy boot/sneaker hybrid shoe thing.

We’re not shitting you.

They’re cowboy boots, but they’re sneakers. They’re cowboy boots with a pair of Adidas sneakers attached to the bottom. They’re sneakers with some cowboy boot-like thing running up your leg.

Actually, the only thing we can decide on is they’re ugly. Hideous, even.¬†You’ll still be shelling out $300 for them, though.

Here’s how they’re described on Adidas’ site.

Yee-haw! These adidas Originals Jeremy Scott MEGA Soft Cell boots get you rodeo-ready with their hybrid cowboy-boot-meets-basketball-trainer style. The men’s boots are made from soft leather with a debossed Trefoil on the heel and tongue, and MEGA Soft Cell cushioning.

Soft Cell cushioning! Yee-haw!

The shoe-boots are designed by Jeremy Scott, who’s apparently a big deal in fashion circles. It’s part of a line he did for Adidas that seems to be western-themed. For example, there are also a pair of running pants with fringes on them. These are probably very practical for jogging.