Brett Favre Twitter Announcement: “Man I Love My Wife”

So far we’re enamored by the Brett Favre Twitter Experience @BrettFavre4. Yes, the account is verified. This is the real deal. When Brett tweets, “I know I kept coming back to the NFL, but I think it’s safe to say that Im officially retired,” it brings a tear to our eyes. The guy has only been tweeting for a few days, but he’s already leaving us with such gems as “Man, I love my wife.” The real shame here – only 1,400 followers. What are you guys waiting on?

As for this loving his wife thing, good to know things are working out for these kids considering how bad things were in 2010 for the Gunslinger.

Meanwhile, back to the Favre Twitter account. Gotta love where this is going.

*rubbing hands together*