Peyton Manning Tipping News: He’s Generous At Angus Barn [PHOTO]

Big news floating around Raleigh, North Carolina this week where a Peyton Manning tip is bigger news than Peyton Manning not getting a $28 million payment from Jim Irsay. You see, Peyton was in Raleigh/Durham last week working with his old Tennessee offensive coordinator, David Cutcliffe. A guy has to eat so one thing led to another and Manning was picking up a tab at the Angus Barn. Bigger news, Peyton over tips. 

Ironically, this tab was posted on an NHL forum by some person going by the handle ‘Bizzle McDizzle.’ Here are examples of Manning autographs. We’re thinking this one is totally legit.

The math:

• 18% was added to get to the subtotal

• Manning adds extra 27%

• 45% tip

• $422 tip for dinner at the Angus Barn

Have a bar tab or restaurant bill from a famous athlete we need to see and publish? Send it in.

[HT: Deadspin]  [Angus Barn Menu]