Peyton Manning Getting Off Private Plane In Miami [PHOTO]

Now that he’s been released by the Indianapolis Colts, where might Peyton Manning sign? Well, the Miami Dolphins are looking for a new quarterback and guess where Manning jetted to after his news conference in Indy.


Manning arrived in Miami via private jet a bit before 5 p.m. ET, according to CBS 4. They posted the photo above along with the following message on their Facebook page.

Peyton Manning has arrived in S. Florida! As seen about 20 minutes ago from Chopper 4

“We’re taking this temporary break from telling you about traffic conditions to stalk Peyton Manning…”

Now, we should point out that we’ve heard Manning has a home in the Miami area, so he’s probably just going there. That being said, you’ve got to like the fact the quarterback is already in town if you’re the general manager of the Dolphins.

Miami, along with the Arizona Cardinals, appear to be the favorites to land Manning. The Dolphins are moving on from Chad Henne, who’s a free agent, and they do have some selling points — a good defense, an offensive-minded coach and the fact they play in Miami.

Something tells us a 35-year-old quarterback who’s played his whole career in a dome won’t be playing out his career in a cold-weather city like, say, New York or Washington.
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