LMFAO Dancing Canucks Kid Shall Be Known As ‘Little Gronk’ [VIDEO]

We think Rob Gronkowski might have impregnated a Vancouver-based broad a few years ago and might not know that he has a son that looks to be about 5-years-old. Maybe 6. Yes, the math doesn’t add up, but the kid’s dance moves make us think his father is Gronk. Just watch as ‘Little Gronk’ the other night destroys Rogers Arena during this LMFAO stop in the action.

Swag, b*tches!

Posted: March 6, 2012

Premise of Video: As you can see, ‘Little Gronk’ is in a private box which tells us his mother is connected to the Vancouver hockey mafia. Good news for LG! Plenty of room to swag out when the Canucks sound guy rolls out LMFAO.

Climax of Video: Is that guy behind Little Gronk drinking a Mike’s Hard Lemonade?

Conclusion: Obviously the only way to settle this is to have a bro-off with his daddy. Go! 2:00 mark.