Fox Sideline Reporter Amanda Pflugrad Is Former Oregon Cheerleader [PHOTOS]

As we’ve mentioned time and time again, the University of Oregon should be honored with awards for being the finest sideline reporter school in the United States. Whether it’s former UO cheerleader Katelynn Johnson working sidelines or Stephanie Essin with big sideline reporting dreams, this school is like the Harvard Law of sideline reporters. Amanda Pflugrad might have the best chance to become the next ‘it’ girl for American men fascinated by women working mics.

There’s a good chance Pflugrad looks familiar. It was during the fall of 2008 when the now defunct Sports Illustrated site, On Campus, featured the Ducks’ cheerleader. For college guys with a pulse, she was an instant star. A couple of years of later and she was the face of what is now considered college football’s greatest cheerleading unit.

Flash-forward to 2012 and you’ll find a star in the making. According to her bio:

While reporting for Fox Sports Arizona, Amanda has hosted various shows and events ranging from working for the Arizona Cardinals to appearing on the Style Showdown with Melissa Rivers. Teaming up with Rand McNally and USA Today, Amanda traveled across America in an RV as a travel host for three weeks. During this time, she not only served as a reporter but also shot, edited and produced the RV film crew’s videos. She has also worked as a production assistant for both ESPN-3D and E! Entertainment.

Of course you guys know that Erin Andrews isn’t getting any younger. Early 30s. Same with Jenn Brown. Does Pflugrad know football? She’s a football brat. Her dad has spent 30+ years coaching football and is the current head coach at Montana. Her brother? An Arizona State wide receiver. She’s a casual friend of Tebow’s.

How is she on camera? Watch her sell cars for an Arizona dealership. Just bought two for BC staff. Some of her recent work includes interviewing Ronnie from Jersey Shore at a Phoenix Suns event.

Look, we’re guessing Amanda needs to spend at least two seasons working Pac-12 games, followed by a year of sideline reporting for the Suns & Diamondbacks. By that time, Fox will be looking to replace Pam Oliver. Insert Pflugrad, drop her into Cowboys Stadium and you’re going to cause a riot.

It’ll just be another notch in the Oregon sideline reporter factory belt.


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