Cheerleaders Of The SEC: South Carolina Firecracker Taryn, Part Two! [PHOTOS]

Via BC Spirit Editor, Asher:

Yesterday we met the mini cheerleading dynamo that is University of South Carolina’s Taryn. She might be small, but I get the feeling she packs quite a lot of power in that little body.

For me, the best part is that she knows she is tiny, and she completely accentuates all of her best qualities. Don’t have a giant rack? Prop up and show off what you are packing. Small frame with great abs? Refuse to wear a full length shirt at all costs. Towered over by the bigger girls in your group? Put on the tiniest shorts you can find and strut around with your rock hard booty announcing your presence.

And Halloween seems like her time to shine. That Gold Digger costume is just amazing! Yeah, this girl has it figured out!