You Can STILL Hire UCLA Cheerleaders For $100/HR [PHOTOS]


The price of gold on September 8, 2008 was $808 an ounce. Yesterday gold was $1,705 an ounce. A Chipotle burrito was $6.25. That same burrito today is $6.50. Costs are up everywhere. So why hasn’t the cost of renting the UCLA cheerleaders gone up with the times. Way back in 2008 we discovered that it was possible to rent a UCLA cheerleader. The price was $100. Yep, it’s the same price today. Still one of the greatest deals in sports. 

The university has updated its cheerleading site to make ordering cheerleaders for your event much easier than it was way back in 2008. Now, it’s possible to order cheerleaders, the Joe Bruin mascot and the UCLA juggler.

The fine print still reads:

The charge is $100 per hour per squad member, including travel time.

The requested squad members will arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled performance (unless otherwise arranged). Please have a changing space and water available for the squad members.

It’s unclear how much – if any – money the cheerleaders pocket. Some cheerleaders are on limited scholarships. We’re also unclear how the NCAA treats paying cheerleaders. Any of you experts are welcome to chime in:

Meanwhile, a check of prices to hire USC Song Girls reveals that $150/hr is still the price for the rival spirit squad. As you can see, the Bruins’ cheerleaders remain one of the last bargains in sports.

If you think those prices are high, how about $400 to hire one Oakland Raiders cheerleader (minimum of 2 cheerleaders) for 4 hours. Quick math: $200/hr per cheerleader.

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