The Most Homoerotic Robinson Cano Photos You’ll See All Day


Look, we’re pretty comfortable with our sexuality. Married. Beautifully pregnant wife. Run a sports blog with plenty of tail for you single bros living the dream. Appreciate a great Kate Upton rack gallery like the rest of you guys. Guess what kind of photos we’re not posing for? That’s right, photos with a shirtless hairy dude in Yankees warmup pants and showing tighty whities. But, Robinson Cano will.

It’s’s lucky day!

So who’s the lucky bear? This guy happens to be a Bronx-based barber who cuts the hair belonging to multiple famous baseball players. From the look of ‏ @JordanMVPBarber, this guy has clients ranging from Jose Reyes, Cano, Carlos Boozer and Felix Hernandez. From the look of his Twitter account, Jordan is an MLB on-call barber, traveling between Florida and Arizona during Spring Training.

Of course Cano has also posed for photos where he’s bending over a blonde. The guy seems to understand how pageviews work here in the U.S. Stupid photos where you’re just posing with a shirtless dude aren’t going to attract eyeballs. You start shaving him, however, and Boston will be making posters for a May series.

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