Cheerleaders Of The SEC: South Carolina’s Firecracker Taryn [PHOTOS]


Via BC Spirit Editor, Asher:

I don’t put much stock in the phrase “Good things come in small packages.” Usually that’s just a short dude with a Napolean complex trying to pick up a chick way out of his league. But South Carolina cheerleader Taryn might just make me rethink my stance on this. If Taryn is over 5 feet tall then I’m Batman. She’s a tiny little thing with great abs, a wonderful rack and enough confidence to choke a horse.

In fact, there are so many hot pictures of Taryn we couldn’t in good conscience put them all in one post. Lesser things have been known to kill a man (or a woman with the right proclivities). So make sure you come back tomorrow for more of Taryn. Believe me, as smokin’ hot as she looks in her Princess Jasmin/Roman sex goddess Halloween costume, you are NOT going to want to miss tomorrow’s Halloween outfit!

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