Auburn Fan Trolls Harvey Updyke With Promise Of BCS Ticket, Records The Fun


Think Auburn fan has forgotten about what Harvey Updyke did to his/her trees at Toomer’s Corner? You know, time heals wounds. Nope, not happening to War Eagle. What we have here is one of the all-time greatest trolls by Auburn fan who somehow talked Updyke into believing he would have a free ticket to the BCS Championship back in January. Harvey fell for the scam and there is audio & proof of the troll. 

The troll involved using Facebook, a telephone, Harvey’s belief that fans can forgive and a BCS Championship that Harvey just couldn’t stand to miss.

How dumb is Harvey? Very. Watch this.

Harvey, according to his Facebook account, left his house in Hammond, Louisiana on January 8. He updated his status with, ITS 5:17AM AND I HAVE NOT BEEN TO SLEEP, THIS WAITING IS KILLING ME. PLEASE LET ME GET A FEW HOURS OF SLEEP. I HOPE I DONT GO TO SLEEP DRIVING TO NEW ORLEANS THIS AFTERNOON…..ROLL DAMN TIDE

Of course we’d normally be hesitant over such a story, but look what published late January 8.

Of course there was no ticket and he didn’t go to the game. His Facebook account went silent and there was no celebration. He wouldn’t post an update for 5 days.

And the war between these two schools rolls along. Meanwhile, Harvey could get 13 years in jail for poisoning the trees at Toomer’s Corner.

[HT: Friends of the Program]

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