Tim Tebow To Be The Next Bachelor?

Tim Tebow is a hot commodity. He’s so hot, in fact, he’s reportedly been approached about appearing as a contestant on “The Bachelor.”

Host Chris Harrison revealed the plot to ‘Access Hollywood.’

Host Chris Harrison¬†looked pretty confident on “Access Hollywood Live” when he revealed that “The Bachelor” has approached the Denver Broncos quarterback to be the next contestant on the successful match-making reality show.

Harrison joked that Tebow has agreed to do the show and that his people are still in talks.

So, Tebow is considering this, apparently.

First, we have to state the obvious and that’s that Tebow would probably use the show to promote his religious mumbo jumbo to the masses. We can see him asking every prospective Mrs. about her religious views. We can also see this being the only season of ‘The Bachelor’ where sex or at least implied sex never takes place.

But who needs sex anyway? Not Tim Tebow.

Second, you probably don’t recall, but Tebow appearing on the show would not be precedent setting. Then New York Giants quarterback Jesse Palmer appeared on the show some time ago. Obviously, he was still in the NFL and not talking about college ball on ESPN.

Palmer’s time as a contestant wasn’t nearly as awful as you might think either. Well, maybe it was, but we do remember one episode where a few of his teammates came on and were clowning the shit out of him, which was pretty funny.

Oddly enough, both guys played quarterback at Florida, so the producer must be a big Gators fan or something. Where the hell is Chris Leak? We’re pretty sure he’s free for any reality TV show appearances.
[Chris Harrison Says The Denver Broncos Quarterback Has Been Approached]

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