Hottest MLB Superfans Of 2012: Barefoot Model Melinda [PHOTOS]

You wouldn’t be meeting @Model_Barefoot if it weren’t for these photos of her modeling a Texas Rangers jersey. There are too many hot chicks crawling around this country to keep track of, but there is a guaranteed way to get BC’s attention. Ladies, get online, buy a team jersey, buy a team-colored brassiere, find a photographer. Use your Twitter account properly and BC guarantees men will take notice. The power is in the jersey. 

Why do men go nuts over a hot chick wearing a jersey? It has to be some sort of high school flashback. The girlfriend wearing his football jersey at school on a Friday. Baseball, obviously, has to do with the amount of unbuttoning. If Model Barefoot Melinda had this gamer buttoned to the top this post would be an afterthought. However, unbuttoned and we have an Internet superstar.

[@Model_Barefoot – Twitter]  [Model Barefoot – Facebook]

The choice is your, ladies. Use those modeling years wisely. There is no better path to fame than shooting photos in an NHL sweater and knee-high socks. Enough of the bra and undies shots. We’ve seen em! Start bringing the heat.

First chick to send us photos of her being sexy in a Washington Nationals uni gets your own post.