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Cheerleaders Of The Sun Belt Conference: Louisiana-Lafayette’s Parris [PHOTOS]

Via Spirit Editor, Asher:

Last week I introduced you to Arkansas State hottie Mallorye and told you not to sleep on the non-BCS conference cheerleaders. Well, I’m back again to tell you “I FREAKIN’ TOLD YOU SO!!”

Today’s Sun Belt Conference cheerleader hails from Louisiana-Lafayette: the Ragin’ Cajuns. Without a doubt one of the top 5 nicknames in all of college sports. Parris is just your typical small town girl with a big city name looking to make her mark on the college cheerleading scene. And now that she’s been featured in Busted Coverage’s Cheerleaders of the Sun Belt Conference series, it’s only a matter of time before those talent scouts start making their way down to beautiful Lafayette, LA. You’re welcome Parris!

As an added bonus, dedicated followers might notice another Ragin’ Jazz dancer named Victoria that made a couple of appearances over at College Cheerleader Heaven (here and here).

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